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Five Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mental Anxiety

The topic is “Five Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mental Anxiety “. The characteristic of human nature is that many unpleasant situations, conditions, and feelings make him mentally disturbed very quickly. Due to this mental disorder, the very subtle and subtle connection between mind, body, and spirit is disturbed. Nervous tension, hesitancy, restlessness, severe anxiety, and boredom are caused. Dr. Kohut Shepherd (Dr. Kohut Shepherd), who is a Commonwealth Gold Medalist psychiatrist, has introduced a five-point program to get rid of all kinds of mental problems.


Main Topic is “Five Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mental Anxiety”
Put an end to the anxiety imposed on the mind:

We have imposed many kinds of baseless and unreal worries on our minds. The first thing you should do is shake off the most pressing problem in a logical way and protect your mind and heart from its effects.

You must boldly refuse to acknowledge the existence of this problem.

If you feel anxious about something, put it off for the next time:

If there’s one thing worth putting off and postponing for the next time, it’s your current mental problem, Dr. Kohut said. You relieve yourself of the stress of this problem and put it off for the next time. Convince yourself that the present time is not at all suitable for this problem to dominate the mind.

In this way, you get temporary freedom from this feeling of anxiety.

Face the worries and fears of the mind:

You should mentally concentrate your energy and analyze your problem realistically. Examine the elements and factors of this present problem or problem carefully and face the dangers and concerns that come with this problem boldly and resolve that the existence of this problem should end today in any case.

Find a practical solution to the problem in your sphere of influence:

Take a piece of paper and make notes of this current problem. Evaluate its positive and negative aspects and find the best solution to this problem by using all means, means, and abilities within your limited sphere of influence. Dr Kohat said. “Thirst arises because we need to drink water, anxiety arises because we ourselves can solve it with our own abilities.

Take constructive action from this pressure of worry and fear:

Consider your current mental problem as a justification, excuse, ladder, and challenge for your growth, improvement and well-being and take this opportunity to achieve a positive and constructive goal. You should take out the bright side of this problem and not only demoralize yourself with its pressure and fear, but consider this pressure as “excitement” and get a positive and constructive result and benefit from it.


Home Remedies for Anxiety

Natural treatments for anxiety have fewer side effects than traditional medications used to treat anxiety.


It is commonly known as Passionflower. Its anxiolytic effect is attributed to its aerial parts i.e. flower, fruit, and bark. It works by modulating the GABA system. GABA is an amino acid present in our nervous system and is responsible for nervous relaxation.


  • Dry the herb.
  • Make a small amount of dry herb powder.
  • Take a few tablespoons of this dry powder and add it to a cup of boiling water.
  • Let it cook for a few minutes.
  • Strain and enjoy the tea.


Studies have shown that chamomile tea is generally effective in cases of anxiety disorders as well. The flavonoids in chamomile are said to have a calming effect by affecting the transmission of GABA, dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin, or by altering the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in the body, which is the way the body responds to stress. It is mandatory for.


  • Take a few tablespoons of dried whole chamomile
  • Add it to a cup of boiling water and let it brew for a few minutes
  • Filter and enjoy the soothing benefits of tea


Lavender has traditionally been used to relieve anxiety. It has over 100 active ingredients, but it is linalool and linalyl acetate that give lavender anti-inflammatory qualities. Consult your healthcare provider before using lavender as research also suggests that lavender has many side effects such as palpitations, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, and stomach upset. , belching, and bad breath.


  • Add a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser to inhale the scent.
  • Alternatively, you can massage a few drops on the inside of the wrist to inhale the scent.

Main Topic is “Five Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mental Anxiety”

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