By | March 5, 2021

Chelidonium is one if the best homoeopathic mother tincture medicine for Fatty Liver, Stomach Problems, Liver Function Disorder, High Cholesterol , High Triglycerides, Organic and functional complaints about liver disorder,

High Cholesterol

If your Liver is Fatty then Cholesterol and Uric Acid will be increased in your blood. So Chelidonium is a Poineer medicine for these problems.

Fatty Liver

Chelidonium is One of the best medicine for Fatty Liver and Other liver disease. It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Chelidonium Majus. Commonly known as Greater Celandine. It belongs to the family of papaveraceae. It is the next important pioneer medicine indicated for managing a number of liver disorder complaints. It is prominent for fatty liver and the liver inflammations. Persons needing it complain of pain in the liver area that pain also extends to the back and shoulder.

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